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Mommy Makeover

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A woman after a mommy makeover in Houston, TXPregnancy causes the body to undergo major changes. While some of these changes are temporary, others are permanent and can have a major impact on the appearance of the body and the person’s self-esteem.

Multiple permanent changes typically occur, such as a loss of breast shape and a noticeable abdominal bulge. Attempting to address multiple issues with dieting and exercise regimens can be overwhelming, time consuming, and incredibly frustrating – and the results are often less effective than desired.

Restore the Beauty of Your Body with a Mommy Makeover

At Dr. Marcos Cosmetic Surgery, we have helped countless women restore the pre-pregnancy appearance of their body by providing them with a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is a package of cosmetic plastic-surgery procedures used to address the aesthetic issues casued by pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The most common issues include:

  • Excess stubborn fat
  • Excess sagging skin
  • Loss of breast shape and volume
  • Poor breast projection
  • Loose abdominal muscles
  • Stretched vaginal tissues

Your Mommy-Makeover Options

At Dr. Marcos Cosmetic Surgery, we know that pregnancy does not affect every woman’s body in the same exact way. Some women may only experience issues with their abdominal area, while others may be struggling with three or more problem areas at once.

To ensure that we are able to provide all of our patients with excellent results, we offer several different types of mommy makeovers:

  • Mommy Makeover – Breast augmentation (silicone implants), tummy tuck, and liposuction
  • Diva Mommy – Breast augmentation (silicone implants), tummy tuck, and vaginoplasty
  • Wonder Makeover – Breast augmentation (silicone implants), tummy tuck, and Brazilian butt lift

During your initial consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marcos Ikeda, he will ask you about your reasons for wanting a mommy makeover, evaluate your overall health, and go over your medical history.

He will ask about the specific issues you want to address with surgery and can answer any questions or concerns you may have. He will use this information to recommend the best course of action for your mommy makeover.

Recovering from Your Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover requires only a single recovery period, whereas getting multiple separate procedures would necessitate multiple recovery periods. This means that you will be able to return to your responsibilities as a parent sooner and resume your normal daily activities sooner, so you won’t have to worry about putting your life on hold for long.

The procedure is quite comprehensive, so it can be a bit strenuous on the body. Following our recovery instructions correctly and allowing your body to heal will ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

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Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marcos Ikeda specializes in mommy makeovers and strives to provide all of our patients with long-lasting and natural-looking results. Dr. Marcos can help you determine which areas of the body would benefit the most from surgery and can provide you with results that fully satisfy your aesthetic needs.

If you have been struggling to restore the appearance of your body after your pregnancy, contact Dr. Marcos Cosmetic Surgery in Houston today.