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Fat Transfer

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Fat TransferBrazilian Butt Lift – Butt Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Fat transfer buttock augmentation involves first doing liposuction. Fat is harvested from areas like the abdomen and waist. Other areas might be used as well, if more fat is needed. At this point, the figure already looks dramatically better.

Unlike with the usual liposuction procedure, the fat is collected in a special, sterile container. This is designed to preserve the fat cells without trauma. Now, instead of disposing of the fat, it’s prepared for re-injection:

  • First, the fat cells have to be separated from all of the other fluids, lipids, and connective tissue. This can be done by using gravity to let the fat float to the top, or by using a centrifuge.
  • The unwanted fluids and lipids are then drained away, leaving only the good, healthy fat cells.
  • At this point there are usually a large number of syringes filled with fat, arranged in a special tray. A cannula, which is a narrow, blunt instrument, is used to inject the fat throughout the buttock. Preoperative markings are used to guide placement and contouring.
  • Once all the fat has been injected and the shape has been created, a specially-designed garment is used to mold the area and maintain the shape.

Now the rest of the process depends entirely on the patient. The critical thing is keeping pressure off of the area. Pressure avoidance is so important because the delicate fat cells need time to develop a blood supply, and this is one factor that determines the amount of the fat which will remain long-term.

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